ID: 5712/2

[Villa] Freshly Scooped Cool Water

icon Quest
Area: Valencia
Types: Town
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - [Villa] Especially Adorable Elephant
Next quest in the chain:
icon - [Villa] Freshly Prepared Fodder

Start NPC:
icon - Serazad
End NPC:
icon - Serazad

– Description:
Serazad asked you to draw some fresh water for the miniature elephant. Get some Empty Bottles and fill them up with river water. Once you have Bottle of River Water x20, feed them to the elephant.

※ You can buy Empty Bottles from a Material Vendor.

Miniature Elephants require attentions all the time.
What you need to take care of especially is drinking water.
They do not like to drink unless it is fresh cool water.
A bunch of picky bastards, they are.
Also, they will hesitate to drink from strangers.
They can be quite defensive.
{getPlayerName(), would you please draw some fresh river water for the elephants?

Miniature Elephants can be very cautious and timid,
but they really trust the owner who nurtured them since young.

Wonderful! Did he drink it?
He must have liked you.

Target: Serazad
- Obtain Bottle of River Water;Give fresh water to elephant;
Obtain item:
- Bottle of River Water (20)
Give item:
- Bottle of River Water
(20) NPC: icon - Temporary Elephant Nursery

- Contribution EXP 10

In development

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Quest requirements
Have item: icon - Shakatu's Villa Invitation (7 Days)

Required to open quests
icon - [Villa] Freshly Prepared Fodder

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