ID: 6500/69

[Repeat] Good Old Friends

icon Quest
Area: Kamasylvia
Types: Repeat
Level: 1
Repeat: 1d

First quest in the chain:
icon - [Repeat] The Most Beautiful Feather
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - [Repeat] Good Old Friends

Start NPC:
icon - Mauriel
End NPC:
icon - Mauriel

– Description:
Mauriel the Stable Keeper at Lemoria Guard Post is longing to hear from her friends. Go talk to Neubella at the Central Lemoria Camp and Friella at the Caduil Forest.

※ This quest will reset after 00:00 UTC of its completion so that it can be repeated.

As outsiders vist more and more,
I'm getting too busy to meet my friends.
My friends are all around Kamasylvia.
I used to ride on a Ferri to meet them often.
Adventurer, Could you please
send my regards to my friends on my behalf?

Lady Neubella is the leader of the soldiers of Central Lemoria Camp.
Friella is guarding the road to the Kaduil Forest.

Thank you. I am relieved to hear from them.
Can I count on you occasionally, Adventurer?

Target: Mauriel
- Send Mauriel's Regard to Neubella;Send Mauriel's Regard to Friella;
Meet NPC: icon - Neubella
Meet NPC: icon - Friella

- Contribution EXP 100
- Peridot Leaf

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