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While preparing for Mediah..

icon Quest
Area: All
Types: Black Spirit
Level: 50

First quest in the chain:
icon - A Familiar Aura
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - [Boss] Witch-Hunting

– Description:
The Black Spirit said you should be ready for Mediah soon. Reach Level 51 through quests and hunts.

※ Reach Level 50 for more freedom in gameplay.
※ Complete daily quests given by the Black Spirit and NPCs to gain Contribution Points and new items.
Main Quests after Lv. 50: World of Enemies (Black Spirit), For a Sharper Weapon (Black Spirit), Bacho Ladericcio's Rumor (Basquean Ljurik, regarding Ring of Magical Power), Becker's Ominous Information (Basquean Ljurik, regarding Earring of Magical Power)
※ Use Black Stone (Weapon) and Black Stone (Armor) to make your character stronger.

I think Calpheon is just about done now.
There is nobody around here stronger than you.
Wow. We're quite amazing.
Both you and I.
But we can't be satisfied with this, right?
Let's head off to a new place now.
But we need to make preparations.
It might be tough if we just decide to go on our way.

Get ready, friend.

You are ready to go to Mediah.
Let's get on our way. Hehe..

Target: Black Spirit
- Reach Level 51 for Journey to Mediah;

NEW: checkLevelUp(51)

- Dim Magical Armor
- Gold Bar from the Citizen Bank

In development

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Quest requirements

Required to open quests
icon - Magic Armor Exchange I
icon - Altinova Wharf Manager
icon - Black Spirit's Gift II (Ultimate Delphad Castillion Main Weapon)
icon - Black Spirit's Gift III (Weight Limit Buff)
icon - Black Spirit's Gift III (Tier 5 Horse)

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Smatchimo 19-04-2019 15:57

I have only been able to recieve this reward twice out of the 6+ alts I've taken up to mediah questline. it does not say once per family or once a month or w/e. What gives?


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