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[Training Quest] Valtarra - Ruins Sacrament

icon Quest
Area: All
Types: Repeat
Level: 58
Repeat: 3d

Start NPC:
icon - Milford
End NPC:
icon - Milford

– Description:
Milford asked you to protect the Sacrament of the Ruins. You must finish up until the last Level 5 to complete.

※ In order to start the quest you need Valtarra: Training Manual. It requires 100 Energy, and only one item (held by the party leader) is required per party.
※ You cannot form a party while the training is in progress.
※ If you are in a party, only the party leader can start Valtarra Training.
※ You cannot delegate a party leader once Valtarra Training started.
※ The Training will end after 30 minutes from when it started.
※ There is no penalty from being killed by the monsters summoned in Vatarra Training. However, Mounts must be placed in a safe spot.

※ For Lv. 58 and up.

※ This quest is available again 3 days after completing it.

I have confirmed your courage and power,
and that wisdom of yours.
The Valtarra Training you have received doesn't even cover
half of what Kamasylve Priestesses go through.
The Valtarra Training pushes you to the limit and
tests your patience and heart.
If you'd like to take it upon yourself, I won't stop you.
Overcoming the challenges grant you the strongest pride.

I have confirmed your courage and power,
and that wisdom of yours.

Can you feel anything different?
Focus.. focus more on your training.

Target: Milford
- Protect Ruins Sacrament;
Kill monsters (1):
icon - Ancient Puturum

- Valtarra Training Reward Bundle

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Quest requirements

Required to open quests
icon - [Training Quest] Valtarra - To a Higher Place (1/W)

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