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Additional Air Attack Damage Level +
Additional Back Attack Damage Level +
Additional Counter Attack Damage Level +
Additional Critical Hit Damage Level +
Additional Damage to Demihumans +
Additional Damage to Humans +
Additional Down Attack Damage Level +
Additional Speed Attack Damage Level +
Air Attack Damage dramatically increases
Air Attack Damage Increase
Alchemy Time -s
All Accuracy +
All AP +
All Attack +
All Damage Reduction +
All Debuff Resistance +
All DP -
All Evasion +
Amity Gain +
AP +
Attack Speed Level +
Auto-fishing time reduced %
Back Attack Damage dramatically increases
Back Attack Damage Increase
Casting Speed Level +
Cooking Time -s
Critical Hit Damage dramatically increases
Critical Hit Damage Increase
Critical Hit Damage slightly increases
Critical Hit Rate +
Critical Hit Rate Level +
Cures Scurvy
Damage from Monsters -%
Damage from Monsters Decrease
Damage from Monsters dramatically reduced
Damage from Monsters slightly decreases
Damage Reduction +
Defense Nullifying Damage +
Down Attack Damage dramatically increases
Down Attack Damage Increase
Downwards Attack Damage Increase
Durability Reduction Resistance %
Evasion +
EXP gain +
Fall Damage -%
Fishing Speed +
Fishing Speed Level +
Gathering Item Drop Chance +
Gathering Level +
Gathering Speed +
Gathering Speed Level +
Grapple Resistance +
Heatstroke Resistance %
Horse EXP +
HP Auto Recovery +
HP Recovery +
Hunting Damage +
Hypothermia Resistance %
Ignore All Debuff Resistance +
Increase Jump Height
Jump Height Increase
Jump Height Increase +
Knockback/Floating Resistance +
Knockdown/Bound Resistance +
Life EXP +
Life EXP +
Luck Level +
Magic AP +
Magic Damage Reduction
Max Energy +
Max HP +
Max MP +
Max MP/WP/SP +
Max Stamina +
Melee Attack Power +
Melee Damage Reduction
Movement Speed +
Movement Speed Level +
MP Auto Recovery +
MP/WP/SP Recovery +
Processing Success Rate +
Ranged AP +
Ranged Damage Reduction
Recover HP +
Recovers HP +
Recovers MP/WP/SP +
Retaliate - HP on being attacked
Siege Weapon Evasion +
Special Attack Evasion +
Status Effect Resistance for Monsters +
Stun/Stiffness/Freeze Resistance
Underwater Breathing +
Vision Range +
Weight Limit +
Skill level
Recipe types
ID   Title Skill level EXP Type Materials Products MATERIALS EFFECTS RECIPE_TYPE FAV
ID   Title Skill level EXP Type Materials Products MATERIALS EFFECTS RECIPE_TYPE FAV
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