ID: 2799
Rising Dragon I
icon Skill
Class: Mystic
Pounds the ground hard to shake up your enemies. Enemies that get hit will float in the air.

– Required Level: 56 or Higher
– Required Points: 25
– Required MP: 70
– Cooldown:: 8s

- Awakening: Banha's Cestus

Hit Damage 524% x 6
Critical Hit Rate +10%
Accuracy Rate +5%
Maximum 10 targets
Recovers +20 of WP per every good hit
Super Armor
Floating on good hits (PvE Only)
Air Attack
If 30 Martial Spirit Shards are collected, 10 of them are automatically consumed and Charged Kick damage will be increased.
Damage reduced in PVP.

Show/hide awakening effects
Attack against monsters +20 for 8 sec. for self
PVP Attack +5 for 5 sec. for self
Critical Hit Rate +10% for 9 sec. for self
Attack Speed +7% for 5 sec. for self
Instantly Recovers 10 HP per hit
Instantly Recovers 20 MP/WP/SP per hit

ID: 3811
Black Spirit: Rising Dragon I
icon Skill
Class: Mystic
Black Spirit's Rage
Gather strength to release the Sea Dragon that inflicts massive damage to all enemies within the area.

– Required Level: 1 or Higher
– Required Stamina: 1

Hit Damage 806% x 19
Last Hit Damage 367% x 6
Critical Hit Rate +10%
Maximum 10 targets
Accuracy Rate +5%
Super Armor
All DP -15 for 10 sec. on a good last hit
Pulls in the target on good hits (PvE Only)
Spins the target on good hits (PvE Only)
Stiffness on good hits
Floating on good hits
Bound on a good last hit
Down Attack
Damage reduced in PVP.
Knock target off the mount on a good hit.

In development

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