ID: 5002

King Griffon

icon Knowledge
Chance of obtaining: 2.50%
Category: Steppe (Kamasylvia)

– Description:
Leader of the Griffons and King of the Navarn Steppe. In terms of size, it is several times the size of other Griffons. It also has beautifully patterned black and white feathers. Its appearance inspires both admiration and fear.

Due to the Griffons' aggressive nature, it has been difficult to conduct observational studies on their behaviors. However, it has been hypothesized by scholars that due the King Griffon's large and flamboyant appearance, perhaps it did not fight its way to the top of the pack but was born with the qualities to be king.

It has been noted by some Adventurers that unlike other Griffons, the King Griffon does not attack unprovoked. It is also thought by some that he seems so intelligent that he seems to understand human customs.
King Griffon
Obtained from:
- King Griffon

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Ahadjar 15-06-2017 03:42

Знание можно получить у NPC Мильдон за 10 энергии, но только если у вас есть все остальные знания из раздела "Луга Камасильвии"

Motoko 2-12-2017 14:34

Translation by Google Translate: "Knowledge can be obtained from NPC Mildon for 10 energy, but only if you have all the other knowledge from the section "Kamasilvii meadows""

Quezako 18-10-2019 07:50

The NPC name is Milden

dat than
dat than 27-04-2020 00:41

this is "Steppe"

Quezako 20-10-2019 11:13

Here is what I've did to regain knowledge lost from the quest:
- don't bother with King Griffon, get all Knowledges from Steppe, then go see Milden to get King Griffon knowledge with dialogue.
- when you have everything, don't move from the Steppe and craft the book from Milden dialog.
- before returning the quest to Calpheon, get all the missing knowledge, then the King Griffon knowledge with Milden again.
This is because, once you've returned the quest, you can't get this knowledge from Milden.
- the return the quest.

Good luck.

Thifiell 31-07-2020 15:44

the knowledge you lose by crafting the bookshelf can be regained by interacting with it in your residence on multiple alts whilst actively playing on your main. After one hour, each of the alts interacting with the bookshelf has a chance to randomly trigger knowledge from "The Plains" category. Rinse and repeat until all knowledge is regained or all S ranks have been achieved. You also don't need to be logged into the character for them to continue reading, so you can do it on ALL your characters simultaneously.

Thifiell 31-07-2020 15:56

you cannot craft book with Milden dialog, you should go back to Calpheon. God, ppl check what you writing, 80% of all info here is shit.

Quezako 1-08-2020 01:13

You don't get it, sorry that your brain is defunct.
Please be more polite if you want more details next time.
I never had to read books in my alts and what I said works, I have finished the quest and got all the knowledge, even King Griffon.

Thifiell 1-08-2020 12:24

Your words:
- when you have everything, don't move from the Steppe and craft the book from Milden dialog.

so I repeat again: you cannot craft the book from Milden dialogue. There is nothing to do with my brain here. Mildon does NOT give you an option to craft it. The quest is very complicated and it is disappointing even more to see instructions which does not make it any clearer.


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