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Memories of a Witch, Labreve #2

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Although Labreve was a young organization, its growth was being expedited by a gifted Witch named Deneve. Unlike other schools of thought, they were specifically focused on studying Aad's Pharos to research the ancient energy of elements, and their purely theoretical approach greatly contributed to the reconstruction of the existing magical powers. One of Deneve's most prized achievements is the invention of the teleport technique by approaching Aad's Pharos from a completely new perspective. The teleport technique was received well and highly acclaimed within the Sage community that it became a prerequisite skill for all the Sages to learn. Even after successfully executing the teleport skill for the first time, Deneve never stopped her research. Unlike other Sages, she believed that an unknown world existed outside the existence of the very world she lived in. This firm belief motivated Deneve to concentrate even more on Aad's Pharos. Deneve's dedication finally came to fruition. She finally discovered a method to commune with the primal force of the two elements. Through the newly-discovered method, Deneve could summon the Keepers Gorr and Tett and reach the enlightenment by communing with them. Deneve created a Sphera, an artifact through which she could freely utilize the new method. She carried the Spheras with her anytime, anywhere, completely breathing through and living with the purity of the two elements. The newly invented artifact was named Aad Sphera, after the subject she specialized in. It was through communing with Aad Sphera that convinced Deneve to acknowledge the existence of another world. It was a dangerous move, but Deneve risked herself and everything she had to attempt to teleport to the other world.
Can be obtained through [Quest]
Witch Awakening Weapon Quest

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