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Memories of a Witch, Labreve #3

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Category: Awakening Weapons

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After a series of glaring lights and bombastic noises, Deneve found herself on a foreign land where day and night existed. She was the first Sage to make it to the other world. Thrilled to experience the new world and fresh energy, Deneve went out of her way to absorb all the knowledge she could. From one new world to another, her journey continued.

From this journey, Deneve had learned that the world consists of everything the Sages had been studying, and also that she was not the first to travel inter-dimensionally. Someone went ahead of her, and Deneve wanted to identify the pioneer.

Just as Deneve was trying to teleport to another world in search of the traces of the pioneer, she felt a tremendous force trying to dismantle the boundary between dimensions. As soon as the boundary was destroyed, Deneve started dreaming of herself being engulfed by a colossal black lump.

She was unable to process a single thought when she woke up.

The only thing she could barely feel was that the land she was stepping on felt somehow familiar.
Can be obtained through [Quest]
Witch Awakening Weapon Quest

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