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Root of Darkness #1

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Category: Awakening Weapons

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They refused to fall in line. They only stopped after years of wandering when they arrived in a barren wasteland.
Considering themselves to be noble guardians of their homeland and proud descendants of the goddess, they dreamt of returning home one day. Thus, there wasn't a day that went by without training, as they awaited to return to Kamasylvia as the rightful guardians.

One day the little girl awoke from her sleep sweaty and exhausted.
Nightmares kept haunting her.

The image of a gigantic, swaying tree was lodged in her mind. The tree seemed to be screaming in pain while ablaze with fire.
The destructive force, enough to scorch life out of the land. When the conflagration had swept over the four corners of the lands, there was a figure who stood before her and looked down. The little girl tried to get a better look at her mysterious tormenter, only for him to vanish out of her mind's eye.

When she finally came to, she told of her visions to her sisters. They could no longer keep ignoring her prophetic dreams. They simply had to prepare for the worst to come, yet another catastrophe.

They would first have to send a delegation to the Kama-Grána council. The sisters tried to come up with a way to do this, but even until recently, the Ganelle who had been in conflict with the Ahib gave them the cold shoulder. Over the years Kamasylvia seemed to be recovering its normal state, but the rift between the Vedir and Ganelle didn't seem to be healing.
Obtainable through [Quest]
Dark Knight Awakening Weapon Quest

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