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Records on Vell's Heart

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Category: Margoria Adventure Journal II

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The first alchemist who visited Margoria is thought of as an immortal alchemist. Although the truth is unknown, most people believe it to be true.

The main reason for people believing this is because of his detailed description of Vell and records of Vell's Heart, during a barren era when the shipbuilding industry was not developed. Within his descriptions of Vell, he mentioned fragments that fell off of Vell and that these fragments were organisms that would attack others. They had translucent light blue scales, triangular heads and sharp fins. They are part of Vell and are called Lopterses.

The immortal alchemist concentrated his research on learning about Vell's Heart and soon after he used the heart to create an alchemy stone. He claimed that a great power was contained within it, catching the interests of many. However, one day, Vell hid itself into the depths of the ocean, putting an end to the research.
Can be obtained through [Quest]
Records on Vell's Heart

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