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The Legend of Krogdalo: Diné

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Category: Kamasylvia Adventure Journal II

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Diné, the forest's most beloved one, was the second offspring among the three children of Krogdalo.
With her fearsome, golden horn, she protected the woods of Kamasylvia from their invaders.

Being the protector of the forest, she was loved and worshipped by the forest, and at the same time, alongside her another sister, Arduanatt, was the only one who could go close to Doom.

One day, a small snake came to see Diné. With tears in its eyes, the snake looked like it was in desperate need of help and said there was a huge group of crows filling up the skies black, leading everyone to death. Fooled by the snake, Diné hurriedly strode towards the misty forest. However, the forest seemed peaceful as usual. Only later did she realize that the snake was gone and came back to her mother's trace, but by then Doom had already left the forest.

The thought that she had failed to protect her own family made her feel despair. She soon realized that she needed to find Doom at once. Leaving her duty of protecting the woods behind, Diné left the forest for the desert.

Since that day, whenever they found a golden mirage from beyond the forest, the people of Kamasylvia would believe that Diné was coming back to the arms of the woods once again from the arid desert.
Can be obtained through [Quest]
Three Songs for the Forest

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