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The Legend of Krogdalo: Doom

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Category: Kamasylvia Adventure Journal II

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Doom, the master of flames, was the youngest among the three children of Krogdalo.
Every step she made created searing blaze that burnt everything.

Unlike Arduanatt of the wind, who flew around the skies freely, or Diné of the earth, forest's most beloved one, Doom was not free from the burden of her own flame. Apart from her sisters, no one would dare come close to Doom. Because of this, she suffered from loneliness for a long time.

There was someone who had been eyeing Doom and her agony. It was Ibedor, the serpent protector of the Mirror of the Rift.

Take a good look at your true self. At the end of the arid desert, there lies a burning hell gate. It is there, where you shall meet a person. Weep no more over your bitter loneliness, for the one you will meet will understand you the way you are. With this companion, you shall be able to run freely across the lands with your blazing inferno.

Convinced by Ibedor's words, Doom left her mother for the very first time.
According to the records, Doom was last seen on a stormy day, disappearing beyond a roaring sandstorm of the desert.
Can be obtained through [Quest]
Three Songs for the Forest

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