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Radolf Hansen's Logbook #5

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Category: Cox Pirates Adventure Journal

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One hundred days into the sail... We've found the new world!
Just when we were beginning to lose our minds, and with food nearly gone, we finally got to our destination.

The sail wasn't smooth with that Black Sea that chewed up the sailors and the ship.
No reasonable person would have chosen to go through that hell, but we couldn't go around it.
We won't be recording what we've seen on our way here.
What we saw is a warning to those who will attempt to come after us, and serves as protection for the new world we've discovered.

It is like heaven here, as if Elion prepared this for us.
If Elion wills it, this logbook I'm about to set adrift will reach the chosen one.

May Elion's blessing guide your sail.
Can be obtained through [Interaction]
There is a suspicious box in front of the house located in the middle of the palm tree forest on the right coast of Kuit Islands.

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Eldin89 8-05-2016 05:38

Chest found on platform up the hill to the right from the node manager.

PrideWars 7-06-2016 15:59 check the minimap. AS u leave the potion vendor follow the road. make a first to the right, then another right on the road that leads up the hill, and on ur left there will be an enclosre with a building and mobs. you will see it there. Repea : potion vendor -> follow road -> right -> right -> fast left (dont go too mch up) -> yay you saw it :)

Socka 13-02-2017 05:49

PrideWars screenshot of the minimap seems terrible, atleast for me, I don't know why, but my minimap does not look like that at all. Here is screen of my minimap, and screen to find it easier, standing on the spot, looking towards nodemanager. (the path marker is where nodemanager is, LIGHT from sky)

Carlos R.S.Junior
Carlos R.S.Junior 29-07-2018 05:55

SEguindo esta foto acima, na frente da casa têm um baú. Só interagir com o bauzinho que você ganha o conhecimento (para os BRs que querem isso). Guilda: Sons Of Ragnar


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