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Carcass of Shultz the Gladiator

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Category: Mediah Adventure Journal II

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The Sausans hate Altinova. People say it is because the greatest Gladiator Shultz who was the hero of all Sausans died. Number of Sausans dramatically reduced since his death, and there were rumors saying that the Shultz Guard left Mediah after Shultz's death and became pirates in the sea. Later Altinova was no longer at risk, but the actual reason why the Shultz Guard left was something else.

They prepared to leave in a rush since Shultz's death and claimed there's some magical power somewhere across the ocean that could revive even the dead. It sounded believable because one of Crow Merchants Guild said that he actually witnessed the ritual of resurrection. Those remaining at the pier decided to stay and wait till Commander Shultz would come back to life and defend the Sausan Garrison.

A long period of time had passed, and finally the elite Sausans returned. Although Commander Shultz was not alive, those who were waiting were relieved to see the satisfied looks on the elite Shultz soldiers. The elite Shultz was confident that Commander Shultz would come back to life soon in the future. The dead body did not decompose thanks to the mysterious power they discovered from the ocean, and all they needed to do was to commence a ritual to revive Shultz. Thus, only the final ritual was remaining, and the clue to the final piece was in Mediah. This ritual was based on Necromancy that was executed and supported by the Mediah Royal Family. The Sausans are planning to revive Commander Shultz by collecting the Dark Red Crystal which is made out of frenzy and grudge from the past.
Can be obtained through [Quest] for Lv. 58 and higher
Narava Rakum at Sarma Outpost is having a hard time due to the Sausans who are nearby.

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NaoHoshi 27-06-2017 15:51

You can start this questline at Sarma outpost's node manager. The quest is called: Scout ambused by sausans
Lvl requirements: 58

Pavel Kalitov
Pavel Kalitov 26-08-2019 08:21

Награда по заданию [Ур.56] Гроб гладиатора Шульца, которое дает Клод, управляющий узлом Корабельная пристань
Нарава Лакум только активирует эту цепочку с задания РАЗВЕДЧИКИ В ФОРТЕ САОШ


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