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The Last Present from the Goddess #1

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Category: Awakening Weapons

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In the beginning of time, before the time of recorded history, a Sacred Tree settled its root at the highest place of the forest. Goddess Sylvia came down with the elves of the nature, gave the name of "Kamasylve" to the tree, and conceived life from the energy of the sun and moon. The land beneath the tree was soon called Kamasylvia. The goddess bore twins. The child resembling the sun was named Ganelle, and the child resembling the moon was named Vedir. While nurturing her own children, the goddess one day ascended back to the sky after sealing her will to Kamasylve, the Sacred Tree. The children established a civilization and prospered under the protection of the elves and the Sacred Tree. The power of Kamasylve was abundant. The descendants of Sylvia took advantage of it as much as they could. Indulged in abundance and cornucopia, they became lazier day after day. One day, the dark spirits who were after the power of the Sacred Tree ravaged Kamasylvia.
Can be obtained through [Quest]
[Ranger] The Highest Ground of the Forest

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