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The Last Present from the Goddess #2

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Category: Awakening Weapons

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The war was devastating. The lethargic children of Sylvia were unable to protect themselves, and the burden of defending the land fell solely on Kamasylve, at least until the goddess reappears. Having consumed all its energy in defending the land of the goddess from the dark spirits, the tree went into a long hibernation, leaving some of its oldest branches to Ganelle and Vedir. After long studies, Ganelle and Vedir discovered that the branches could be turned into the Kamasylven Sword with the power of the spirit, and they learned the art of the Kamasylven Sword. Moreover, they collected and shared the remaining branches with their kinsmen and taught them the art of using the power. This is how the "Rangers," a standing army of the guardians of Kamasylvia against invasions, was established. There were several more invasions seeking the dormant Sacred Tree's power afterward, and the Rangers kept improving their archery in order to establish an even more efficient way of defense. They also diligently studied and developed the art of the Kamasylven Sword.
Can be obtained through [Quest]
[Ranger] Retired Hero

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