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Princess of the Fallen Kingdom, Power of the Beast #1

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Category: Awakening Weapons

– Description:
At the end of the Far Orient, there is an island full of beasts called Haemo. There, a woman with a new born baby in her arms arrived at this island, which is almost devoid of all human contact. However, she passed away not long after due to a serious injury. The baby was then discovered by a passing animal. At first, it must have been pure curiosity about a creature it had never seen before. As the time went on, the animal grew fond of the baby's pure heart and raised her along with its own offsprings before it realized.

The baby grew to became a little girl when Hwisa, after completing a long journey, returned to the island with his companion beast, Heilang. Hwisa tried to find a successor on his journey, but he came back to the island to rest after failing to find one. The sight of a little girl living with the animals got Hwisa deeply interested. He eventually takes her as his student. Having lived with the animals all her life, the little girl never feared Heilang's threatening appearance, and soom became friends with it. She started absorbing Hwisa's teachings like a sponge.
Can be obtained through [Quest]
[Tamer] Small Steps

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