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Princess of the Fallen Kingdom, Power of the Beast #3

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Category: Awakening Weapons

– Description:
Haemo Island was already swept in blood when the girl returned after learning about herself. It must have been because those in power had learned that the girl was alive and trying to learn about her past, traveling all over the country. The girl grieved the death of Hwisa, her teacher, and held a funeral for him all the while realizing that she could not live in this country anymore. Before leaving, the girl left the "Celestial Bo Staff," her most prized possession, at Hwisa's grave. As she was about to get off the mountain foot, a fluffy dark shadow appeared in front of her. It was a baby of the late mother Heilang. It is still a frail baby, but the girl decided to take it with her on the journey, thinking it would still be better than being alone. She headed west with the baby Heilang. The journey to the West was not smooth. She had to confront the Black Energy she remembered from the turmoil of the civil war, which led to the death of her beloved family and teacher. After nearly dying several times, the girl recalled what Hwisa said to her when she was younger: "The heaven-trembling power shall follow the true master of Heilang."
Can be obtained through [Quest]
[Tamer] Master of Heilang

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