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Flame of Blue Moonlight #2

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Category: Awakening Weapons

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Three years have passed since the girl joined the Order of the Apricot, and the continent was once again swept by the craze of war. The war was an opportunity for the warriors in the order to develop their career, and the girl, needless to say, took part in the war and gradually made her name as the next leader of the order.

A month after the end of the war, the girl finally became the leader of the order. She was the youngest and the first female leader in the order's history. As soon as the ceremony was concluded, she went into the deepest cave in the valley to check the "secret" of the order. She became who she was just to see this secret. An old spear and a secret note were located in the cave. After verifying the old woman's story as true, the joyous girl wasted no time to start learning the secrets.

After a year of training, there was still no sign of flame on the girl's spear. Nothing seemed to be improving compared to her old blade techniques. However, as it was her only dream, she did not give up and kept training. The news of her step-parents' passing found a way to her the next year, but she did not care, only focusing on the secret of the Crescent Petal. Her martial arts were simply not advancing at all, and that was about when she started having nightmares. She had to confront the sacrificed colleagues, subordinates, innocent civilians, and the contenders every night.
Can be obtained through [Quest]
[Maehwa] Flame of Blue Moonlight

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