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Flame of Blue Moonlight #3

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Category: Awakening Weapons

– Description:
It had been five years since the discovery of secret note. Countless hours of training had her no closer to acquiring the Crescent Petal. She decided go back to the cave she found the secret note in. The old woman who told the story of the Crescent Petal was waiting for the her.

As soon as she spotted the young woman, the old woman charged at her with a spear. Startled, the young woman parried with her own spear. As the tips of both spears touched, a blue flame emerged from the old woman's spear. It was the Crescent Petal.

They sparred until dawn, when it was clear that the young woman lost. She was so exhausted that she couldn't even move a finger, but she somehow felt satisfied. She finally felt like she was beginning to understand what Bihwasun meant. The girl resigned from her leadership position the next day and left the valley. She traveled lightly, because all she needed was the teachings of Bihwasun in her heart: "Never be afraid to start over again.The day your shell breaks, the Crescent Petal will answer your call."
Can be obtained through [Quest]
[Maehwa] Filling One's Caliber

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